Sunday, March 09, 2003

I guess if you stop by here out of curiosity or boredom or whetever that you've noticed the lack of relevant political commentary, like you can find at oh, I'd say, 3/4 of the blogs out there in the blogiverse, it's because, frankly, I've never been much of a political debator and have a tendency to focus on Planet Dave rather than the rest of the world, taking each thing as it comes. I also know more about music, comics, etc. than I do politics and world affairs, so that way I minimize how much of an idiot I sound like. Also, it looks like Dubya's bound and determined to root out Saddam and get payback for his daddy, regardless of the cost both at home and abroad. so I've resigned myself to the inevitable. Maybe it will be best that George gets this out of his system. Then he (or his advisors) perhaps concentrate on something else. I don't know. Anyway, I was over at the Stupid Evil Bastard's place this morning and read his excellent piece on his reason for not writing more about current politics, and it echoes a lot of my feelings as well. Y'all should go check it out.

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