Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well, here it is, 10:46 PM CST and I got nothin. I've found a few things here and there, but nothing I'm moved to write about without resorting to political commentary, which is pretty much first and foremost in most people's minds right I'll call it a night and try again tomorrow.

I haven't done this for a while, so here's what I've listened to the last couple of days:
Chris Robinson-New Earth Mud (a couple of songs are beginning to sink in, but this is still a disappointment), The Dukes of Stratosphear-Chips From The Chocolate Fireball (An Anthology) (I absolutely love "Vanishing Girl") , The Beatles Anthology 1 (not my favorite of the three, but still occasionally interesting, especially the Sullivan Show excerpts. I liked "Free As A Bird", personally, despite the wan Lennon vocal track), Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians-Perspex Island (this was a bit of a compromised, overproduced flop for Robyn, but it has two excellent songs-"So You Think You're In Love" and "She Doesn't Exist"), Lenny Kravitz-Let Love Rule (love the Beatles '69 title track and "Mr. Cab Driver", everything else is cringe-inducing...pretty much the story of Lenny's often imitating, rarely duplicating career–at least to me), and John Cougar Mellencamp-Lonesome Jubilee (the first album I ever really liked by ol' John. "Check It Out" is a great song, and "Cherry Bomb" is almost as good).

Back tomorrow with comics reviews (had some real good ones this week), and hopefully more stuff, as Chuckie Barris used to say. Interesting stuff. Hopefully.

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