Thursday, March 13, 2003

NPR will be airing the Lost Beatle Tapes tomorrow at 2 PM EST. Think I'll try to tune in if I can.

You'll also notice that the annoying white space at right has retreated back into its normal allocated area. Many thanks to the tireless efforts of the Johnny Bacardi Tech Support crew. Stalwart lads all.

Well, OK, actually it's only me. Saw right through that one, dinja.

This would be as good a place as any to acknowledge the help and assistance of Ted Eysenbach, one of the Internet guys where I work. Since I don't know how to write code, I've had a lot of questions and run into a lot of problems maintaining this blog since day one and he's the guy I pick on. He's always been helpful and knowledgeable, and he's a cool dude as well. So if there is a JB Tech Support technician, he am it. Thanks, Ted!

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