Sunday, March 30, 2003

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I did indeed get to go see Spirited Away yesterday, and I'll say this: everything that people are saying about this one is true. It's not only one of the best animated films I've ever seen, it's possibly one of the best films I've ever seen, period. A story that doesn't insult the intelligence (although I thought perhaps the parents were just a wee bit too cloddish at the beginning) and breathtaking visuals that put the recent efforts of Western animators, especially Disney (who shrewdly released this over here) to shame. I'll spare you the repetitious raving and encourage you to click on the link above to read other reviews that say it much better than I. Click on the picture (not computer animated or photographed flowers, by the way) above to go to the official site. If you get the opportunity to go see this wonderful film, then I strongly encourage you to do so, even if you have to go to a little trouble.

Picture above stolen at a new movie review site (new to me, anyway) with the amusing name of Hollywood Go there and check his stuff out...don't want Hollywood Jesus pissed at me!