Sunday, March 02, 2003

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Got outbid this morning on an eBay auction for the above album, Mary Travers' 1974 release Circles. Now, I have never heard a Travers solo album, and am only vaguely familiar with Peter, Paul & Mary's catalogue in its entirety. The songs I know are probably the ones you know. Still, I think this is a wonderful illustration by Drew Struzan, somewhat dated, perhaps, and 70's-ish but it's still a great Mucha swipe and I think it's imaginatively laid out. Most people wouldn't dream of it, but there are times when I will buy an album because I like the cover. Van Morrison's Veedon Fleece, quite possibly my favorite album, I bought because I loved the cover. I'm just funny like that. Anyway, the bidding started at 99¢, and was $1.04 when I bid, but it got up to 10 bucks plus 4 dollars shipping, and there is a limit to the amount I'm willing and able to spend on this sort of thing, so I let it go. Perhaps there will be another, who knows...I hate eBay anyway. I'm never willing to bid very high on things, and I'm always getting shot down at the last minute. I got sniped one time with twenty frigging seconds to go. Feh.