Monday, March 24, 2003

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Those of you who are longtime readers of my ramblings may recall my turntable troubles of about two months ago. I took my dead turntable to a repairman, who did some stuff and thought he had it fixed- whereupon it lasted about two days before dying again. I took it back, and he looked it over again then let me know that the drive motor was burned out, and it would, as they say, "cost more to replace it than it would to buy a new one". That dreaded refrain. Anyway, he then proceeded to give me back the money I paid him for the previous failed repair work (!) and tell me that he had a catalogue I could look through that he thought had some turntables that he could order and sell me at his cost. So I narrowed it down to three, and you see the winner above: the Teac P-988.

Hell of a classy thing for the guy to do. Of course, it helped that I knew him from way back, but it's not like we were best friends or's his web page if you're curious.

This wouldn't be such a big deal, but since I'm older than dirt I have accumulated a couple thousand vinyl LPs that I can't afford to replace...and in some cases I just can't plain ol' can't replace because they're no longer in print and unavailable on CD. So I gots ta have a turntable and have been without one for almost two years now. I can't take it anymore!

First thing I'm gonna listen to is Van Morrison's Astral Weeks. I'm dyin' to hear that LP!