Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Good morning, one and all.

Some good news, courtesy of Franklin's Findings. Now maybe I'll get an opportunity to see the Oscar® winner for best animated feature. Nah, wait, who am I kidding. I live in South Central Kentucky. They wouldn't get a film like that in a million years here in Bowling Green, a college town, no less. Hope they prove me wrong.

I was mostly pleased with last night's Buffy, if nothing else because of the return (for good this time, I hope) of badass Spike. This episode concentrated on Buffy, Giles, Spike, and Wood at the expense of the other cast members (Anya and Andrew only got one line each, and if Xander said anything I don't remember), but that's OK because the cast is too darn big and unweildy right now anyway. Even though I like Principal Wood, I was kinda hoping Spike would do him in, if nothing else than to decrease the cast a little. Always nice to see Drusilla again, even though the business with Spike and his Mom was straight outta Anne Rice...I'd even be willing to bet that it was copied direct, but it's been so long since I read those Vampire Chronicles books that my memory fails. If you, like me, are a fan of the Giles character then you'll be disappointed in his actions and apprehensive about how he's going to fit in now. Now we can look forward to more reruns for a while; I'm still mulling over whether or not I want to keep watching Angel. I got a little more interested after viewing the big Willow/Faith crossover.

Stayed up way past my bedtime last night and watched Conan O'Brien, who had as his guests Ringo Starr and Eddie Izzard. Mildly disappointing, though...the Ringo interview went nowhere, and Izzard wasn't given much of an opportunity to be funny. Conan even trotted out the ancient "are you a straight or gay transvestite-explain yourself" question that I thought interviewers stopped asking him 5 years ago! Ringo came back out at the end and played his latest single, an earnest tribute to George Harrison that is well meaning but unremarkable musically. I'll reserve further judgement until I hear the studio version. It kinda sounded like just about everything else he's done since 1981...competently played, mildly tuneful, but otherwise as exciting as watching paint dry.

As an example of how slowly the wheels in my head grind, I have decided to change the "comment" button below to the more genial "serve 'em up!". It was only what– November? That I asked my two or three readers at the time for suggestions about what word or phrase I could use instead of the machinelike and cold "comment". Better late than never, I suppose. I think it was Joanie, who never comes over anymore, that suggested "serve 'em", so here's credit where credit is due, no matter how tardy it is.

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