Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I gots some mad links to drop on yoass. Mondo Linko.

First, wonder of wonders, the Stones are bad boys again, thanks to the Chinese government! Go here.

Next, Pete Bagge is at it again with another amusing strip at Reason Online. Found at Egon.

While clicking around for online images of that amusing l'il fellow from the underground comics of the 60s, the Checkered Demon, I ran across this interview with his creator, S. Clay Wilson, which originally appeared in Goblin magazine. Another interesting piece was this interview with former Fug Ed Sanders, as well as this piece on the Fugs themselves. I really wish I had those old Fugs sole listening experience with them is through those Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders albums of so long ago.

At the same site from whence the Virginia Lee Burton profile came is this profile of Wanda Hazel Gag, whose work interests me a lot. That name is so familiar to me, I know I read one of those books cited in the profile as a child, but none of them ring bells. Oh well, maybe they'll ring yours.

From the Political Desk comes this and this, which I think most of you have seen, but if not...

Finally, when reading about the passing of Pete Millar over at Flat Earth, I was directed via Journalista! to a couple of sites that referenced the magazine that Millar co-founded and did a lot of work for during my formative years: CARtoons. Here's another site of a CARtoons contributor, George Trosley. There was some great stuff in that magazine, and I wish that A. I had been able to buy more of them and B. that I had kept what I had in better shape!

That's it for now!

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