Monday, June 30, 2003

Some things from here and there:

Pleased to report that I got a call yesterday afternoon from a fellow who's hiring for the job I've had my eye on. On a Sunday, yet! He just asked me a couple of questions, mostly about my skill level and my reasons for leaving the company almost ten years ago, and also about my availability for an interview. Of course, I said "Anytime, anywhere!". So now I sit and wait for the phone to ring, and it hasn't done so yet. Sigh. Keep your fingers crossed.

I just mailed a money order to Thriller artist Trevor Von Eeden, to buy a page of original art from issue 5 of that series. I've wanted some originals from that, one of my all-time fave comics series, for a long time.

Watched another Ann Sothern film today: Panama Hattie, with Red Skelton and Lena Horne. Frankly, despite several fine musical numbers, it wasn't all that good. But it's always great to see a 40s Ann Sothern film. I have, however, begun to get interested in another of the stars of this film, Virginia O'Brien, who had a really odd deadpan singing style that disguised somewhat the fact that she was a great singer and comedienne. She tends to appear often in films that star Skelton, for some reason. She also had a part in the Marx Bros. film The Big Store, singing one of the strangest versions of "Rock-A-Bye Baby" that you'd ever want to hear. I might have to see if I can find a CD someday of her music. She died on my birthday two years ago, how 'bout that.

I also watched Showtime, a buddy-cop flick with Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy; it had some funny lines and situations but fell flat in the all-important "believable criminal threat that they have to bury their differences and apprehend" department. Still, it was an agreeable time-waster that might be worth your time if you catch it on cable.

Finally, RIP Katherine Hepburn. Never really a favorite of mine, she still was a great actress and added a lot to several movies I like, including The African Queen, The Philadelphia Story, and, yes, Rooster Cogburn and the Lady.

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