Monday, June 16, 2003

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Belated BSBdG's to writer Don McGregor. McGregor wrote a ton of Marvel Comics in the 70s, eventually moving on to other companies such as Eclipse and Topps, where his most recent comics-related work includes Zorro and Lady Rawhide. He turned 58 yesterday.

Two of the series he wrote that I loved the most were War of the Worlds featuring Killraven in Amazing Adventures 18-39, and the Black Panther in issues 6-24 of the Jungle Action title. McGregor often wrote in a verbose, flamboyant style, but often this style worked to illuminate the reader about things that the artists, talented as many of them were, couldn't show and as a result made his characters alive and realistic in a way that you didn't see all that often in the 70s.

Happy trails, Mr. McGregor.