Saturday, June 14, 2003

I added a couple of links at right: one to Mark Anthony, which doesn't have all that much stuff yet but I bet that will change soon, and Rob Kamphausen's Message Board. Rob was the moderator of the old, lamented DC Message Boards and is one of several on the new, lamer one. He does, however, have a board of his own where many of the longtime DCMB posters have relocated. Rob's board has a lot more bells and whistles, isn't as restricted as the DCMBs were nor are the discussions limited to comics-related topics only. I signed up for them just recently, and was given a swell reception by many of my old acquaintances. If you're intrigued by all this, then by all means go check 'em out.

Also, if you're curious about the button below with Matt Groening's head and the letters CGEF, it's a link to a great Futurama site. You can go there and find out just about anything you want to know about the show. Only one complaint on my part: not enough Morbo content. Puny Earthling fools. It has screen grabs and sound clips from every episode! You can go to the eppy that gueststarred Beck and hear Bender sing "Fry crack corn and I don't care, Leela crack corn and I don't care, Bender crack corn and he is great, take that you stupid corn!" Hee hee....

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