Monday, June 02, 2003

Guess I must not have been blogging on December 30th, or must not have been watching the celebrity birthday lists like I do now because I totally missed the interesting fact that Monkees Mike Nesmith and the short English fellow with the unusual name both share birthdays on that date. And me a big Monkee fan and all. Well, if I'm still doing this in December and I haven't been hauled off to prison for non-payment of bills due to unemployment (they can't really do that, can they?) then you can bet your ass I'll do a proper BSBdG then. However, as a small atonement I'll pass on to all of you this nifty Monkees on TV site, chock full of interesting trivia and ancedotes and episode guides and whatnot that I've spent the last hour or so clicking around on. If you love the Prefab Four then you should too.

All because I caught the tailend of a 1963 film called the Wheeler Dealers this afternoon on Turner Classic Movies, saw an actor that looked very familiar to me, checked it out on IMDb and found out that I didn't recognize anything he had done, which wasn't really all that much to begin with. He was in a couple of Monkees TV show episodes, hence the connection. Oh well.

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