Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hello. I'm still here, just never found the time or the impetus to sit and write. Just like I never find the time or impetus to draw, for that matter. I've now been officially unemployed for 1 month and 20 days. Still a ways to go before I beat my personal best of 7 months, but it's not looking like anything's going to happen anytime soon to derail the bankruptcy train...

There are several things to write about, I suppose...the current ongoing Sammy Sosa scandal, which has been the subject of nonstop speculation on both ESPN Radio and TV today. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I am more favorably disposed towards his "mistake" claim since they tested his other bats... but how the hell do you grab one of the bats you use in BP and use it in a game? Pretty stupid, Sammy.

Staying on the sports tip, I am having the night from hell, fantasy-wise. I got off to a decent start, and was in fact solidly in third place just last weekend...but my three best starters have given up 19 earmed runs in something like 16 innings (Mike Mussina, Cory Lidle, Tim Hudson) and my hitters continue their frigid hittling of late. I'm now in 4th, with another guy breathing down my neck, and it will be a miracle if I'm not in 5th or 6th tomorrow. It's still a bit early, but I don't like the way things are going at all. I wish someone could explain to me why my players always crash and burn when I watch them. Mussina was coasting until I sat down and started watching the Reds-Yankees game on ESPN. Then bang! He had given up four home runs and set the tone for my night. Would you like some cheese with all this whine?

I've been seeing some noteworthy news from the comics world on other worthier sites; there's going to be a documentary about the current comics industry on the History Channel (Go to's Pulse, link at right, for the skinny. No, I'm not going to provide a link in this sentence.) which at first triggered my cynic alarm, but everyone assures me it's first-rate despite the lack of representation of women cartoonists and other companies besides DC and Marvel. I think it's supposed to air on June 23. Went down to BG for my usual comics run today, only returned with three books but they were good'uns (see below). No Planetary Reader, though. Yes, I'll review them, despite the total lack of feedback I get for my comics reviews. I'm a stubborn sort and can't take a hint.

Despite my increasing money paranoia, I did my part towards helping the Fantagraphics cause. I ordered the TPB of Tecopa Jane by Molly Kiely, $10.95 plus s & h, a drop in the ocean I'm sure but I wanted to do something. I understand that they're almost at their goal of $70,000, apparently the news about their troubles spread like wildfire on the Net and they've had an overwhelming response. Good on them and everyone who ordered.

After going to the trouble of bothering Lucifer writer Mike Carey with the request that he look over and provide feedback for my story idea for the Pandora Arcana character two weeks ago, which he graciously accepted, I've only written about a paragraph and a half and have done no sketches. Sigh. I've got to get that done...not because I think Carey's anxiously awaiting it– far from it, I'll bet he's already forgotten– but just so I can get it off my mind. But as the Political Correspondent will attest, I've had that frigging concept on my mind for several years now and have just not been able to motivate myself to do a damn thing with why should this be any different?

Movies viewed recently include two post-9/11 thrillers, The Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman–featuring the memorable nuking-of-Baltimore scene which pretty much made the rest of the film somewhat anticlimactic; Collateral Damage with Ah-nold–one of the dumbest and most manipulative action films I've ever seen; Slackers, a really stupid movie which got abominable reviews but guess what- I thought it was kinda funny. I have no explanation. Also one film which is pure Gouda, baby: Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, which was on AMC really early this morning when I found myself unable to go back to sleep. If you've never seen this movie, you owe it to yourself to do so someday, it's mind-bendingly awful, but in a good way. If you appreciate this sort of thing then you know exactly what I mean. I already own JJ Meets FD on a two-fer VHS tape with Billy The Kid Vs. Dracula, a double-feature from Sinister Cinema– but hey, I was awake, it was on, whaddaya want from me? I haven't exactly been expanding my cinematic horizons lately, have I?

Gee, all I was gonna do was write a paragraph to let people know I was still alive, and I ended up rambling at length! Well, I'm finished for tonight, I guess. Thanks for making it this far. I fully intend to do comics reviews tomorrow or Friday, and I certainly intend to do a Mondo Vinyl-O as well. From all of me to all of you, oyasumi nasai.

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