Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Bacardi Show Birthday Greetings, the Glam Rock edition

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First, to Suzi Quatro, the diminutive expatriate Yank bass player and who was huge in Britain but just couldn't get arrested over here in the US. She opened up the first proper rock concert I ever attended, for Alice Cooper in 1975. She turns 53 today. And yes, I know she guested on Happy Days (as "Leather Tuscadero, sister of the Fonz' girlfriend Pinky) and actually had a top 40 US hit with someone named "Stormin' Norman" in the late 70s ("Stumblin' In", methinks). It's not the same thing. Really.

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Also, happy happy to the great Ian Hunter, of Mott the Hoople fame. Mott were one of those bands that made a deep, deep impression on me (and many others– just ask the surviving members of the Clash) as I was growing up, and Hunter continued to do so as he pursued a solo career with Mick Ronson and many others. See the post on Ronno below. While Mott and Ian were around before Glam hit, they got caught up in the wave and remain one of the foremost bands associated with that movement, even though they didn't really look all that...comfortable...in their glitter clothing. I'm listening to Hunter's 1976 LP "All American Alien Boy", a very underrated album if you ask me, as I type.

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