Thursday, June 26, 2003

Here's an amusing review of one of DC's newest spandex extravaganzas, the Outsiders, by one of Pulse's interns, who is an apparent neophyte to comics. She expresses a lot of confusion at the apparent need for knowledge of several decades worth of continuity to know who's who, and tends to dismiss things as "stupid" a lot.

It's bringing out some interesting reactions as well; posters are either falling into the "yeah, that's right on the money, and I'm so hip because I agree" or "how can she write about a subject that she doesn't know anything about" camps.

Me? I think its funny but I kinda dispute one of her points: I seriously doubt that someone who doesn't read comics is going to make a new team book featuring no recognizable characters their first stop. Nope, they'll want to go to something familiar first, perhaps a Bat- or Superman title. Outsiders is a book aimed squarely at the converted, not the idly curious, and to damn it because it's not geared to be a gateway comic is to miss the point.

Anyway, check it out for yourself. Oh. Did I buy Outsiders #1? Hell no.

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