Friday, May 05, 2006

Random thoughts, because I care.

I haven't decided if I'll try to get down to Bowling Green for FCBD yet...there are only a couple of titles that I'm interested in anyway. I had thought I might go down and pick up my copy of Romance Redux with the Bob Fleming script, and perhaps get the new Flaming Lips, which I'm dying to hear in its entirety after watching Fearless Freaks last night. Plus, they usually have a lot of vinyl available for cheap. I have to go out and about tomorrow anyway, so we shall see what we shall see!

I've accumulated a humongous stack of un-reviewed comics over there in the living room, as well...I've had 'em all read since Tuesday or so, except for a couple of stories in the Escapist trade which I'll go finish here in a minute, so time permitting I might try to get them batted out before I go to bed on Sunday night.

And no, I haven't forgotten Beowulf #'s 5 & 6. Soon, my pretties, soon. Nor have I forgotten my long-promised over/review of Hammer Locke, either but don't hold your breath for that- for some reason that comic just won't let me wrestle it down to the ground and defies my best intentions.

Van Morrison's on CMT right now, performing songs from his latest Country & Western influenced album. Actually, what I've heard doesn't sound too bad, despite the fact that once more he's singing lyrics about how badly he's been treated. Please. Anyways, the backing musicians kinda give the songs I've heard a Tupelo Honey/His Band kinda vibe. Now he's doing a tune that reminds me of when Elvis Costello tried to do the honkytonkin thang via Almost Blue. Oh well.

I finally finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell; loved its period feel and its interesting characters, along with Ms. Clarke's graceful writing style...but the ending felt kinda rushed and arbitrary, lacking any real sort of resonance or sense that anything of consequence happened. Somewhat disappointing, but still a fine read. I tried to resume Cryptonomicon, but soon gave up and picked Kavalier and Clay back up, and that's what I'm trying to finish now. I placed an order with back in January for Sandy Denny and Bert Jansch bios, along with a CD- I got the CD a month ago, and the Denny book is still pending...but they notified me that the Jansch was out of print and they couldn't get any copies through their sources, so I guess I'm shit outta luck unless I run across one on eBay or one of Amazon's Marketplace sellers. Feh. I'm considering taking the money and getting The Essential Taj Mahal. Mahal is a blues guy that has interested me lately, after viewing a bit of the Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus DVD, in which he got one spotlight performance, and two more in the bonuses, and they all kick ass. Plus, I've been hearing the odd cut on internet radio. Of such is obsession borned, my friends.

All right, that's enough. Ta for now. Be good, and be good to each other.

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