Monday, May 29, 2006

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More Alex Toth for ya- here's a sketch of Zatanna I liked, found at an online Toth original art gallery at

Also, at that same site (and thanks to reader Jeffery Sellers for the heads-up!) is a page from the House of Secrets "Connecticut Ice Cream Man" story I mentioned Saturday night. The scan is not so great, but it's a sweet page and I really should try and find an affordable copy of that comic. There's also a note from Toth, stating that he based the looks of the ice cream man on Julius Schwartz, not Phil Silvers!

Finally, here's quite possibly the best tribute I've read yet- a haiku by Chase creator D.C. Johnson.

I have more reviews ready, but many of them have been submitted for the next NCR column at I'll wait until they go up there to put them here. Among them are looks at Talent (every time I see that title, I'm reminded of this song...and it's a vague, arcane reference which just points out how weird my mind is sometimes), Wonderland, and...Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness!

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