Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm really slack as a member of the Comics Blogosphere, I know. I rarely, if ever, report or comment on the pertinent issues affecting that most insular of worlds, and while I never really claimed to be Tom Spurgeon or Heidi MacDonald, and have pretty much adhered to the "writing about stuff I like, and passing it on to you" code, I think I would be remiss if I didn't point you to the Mighty Spurge's roundup of linkage and commentary to the biggest issue of the day, the whole Mid-Ohio Incident story, including the bombshell comicsjournal.com revelation of the Ms. Soma's alleged assailaint's name. It's a temporary link, so if you're one of the two or three people out there that hasn't read it, you should.

Myself, I am cursed with perpetual fence-sitting instincts, and more often as not rationalize anything of this nature with a "There's two sides to every story, and usually the truth falls somewhere in between" sort of approach. Certainly, setting up a fund to help with costs accrued while seeking justice for improper conduct on anybody's part is a worthy one, but there's a lot of angles to this particular trapezoid, and I prefer to remain non-partial.

See why I never opine on these things?

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