Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm sure most of you are aware by now of Tom Bondurant's call to the Comics Blogosphereiverse to submit thier lists of the 50 greatest DC characters. Since he was nice enough to email me personally, I simply had to try to cobble one together, and I did so. And since I'm not quite ready to start posting new comics reviews just yet, I thought "Hey- there's a readymade blogpost, right there!" So without any further ado, here's my list.

1. Batman
2. The Spectre
3. The Phantom Stranger
4. Chase
5. Bat Lash
6. Ironwolf
7. Darkseid
8. Zatanna
9. Manhunter (70?s Paul Kirk)
10. Manhunter (00?s Kate Spencer)
11. Starman (Jack Knight)
12. Atom
13. Hawkman
14. Angie Thriller
15. Beaker Parish
16. Gypsy
17. Metamorpho
18. The Creeper
19. Super-Hip!
20. Kinetix
21. Hellgrammite
22. Eclipso
23. Superman
24. Scooter
25. Swamp Thing
26. Hawk & Dove
27. The Demon
28. Ultra the Multi-Alien
29. Beowulf, Dragon Slayer
30. Lou Martin aka Major Bummer (Don?t know if he counts?)
31. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
32. Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
33. John Constantine
34. Crazy Jane
35. Brother Power, the Geek
36. Dolphin
37. the Unknown Soldier
38. Shade, the Changing Man
39. Flex Mentallo
40. Captain Fear
41. Diana Prince, Wonder Woman
42. The Shadow
43. Aquaman
44. Deadman
45. the Flash
46. The Calendar Man
47. Ragman
48. The Metal Men
49. Stargirl
50. Dr. Mid-Nite

After about the first 20 or so, I just started throwing them in there as I thought of them. I'm not sure how many of these actually qualify (The Shadow, for example, but two of my all-time favorite DC series were the 70's and late 80's Shadow series) but he's free to omit what he wants. And frankly, I realize that not having the Joker (obviously one of the most important characters in comics history), for example, at the cost of including the likes of Brother Power and Scooter kinda flies against the intent of the poll...but after a while I realized that I was having an easier time citing characters I personally liked rather that characters that were actually "important". So, no Luthor, Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Plastic Man, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary (actually, I should have listed her), Wildcat (sorry, Dorian), Doc Fate, and so forth. If I had actually tried to list the most important and give them proper number rankings, I would have NEVER finished in time for the deadline. So, typically, I chose the path of least resistance. Hopefully, I won't ruin the poll.

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