Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm at work, so I'm looking over my shoulder the whole time I'm typing this, but I wanted to post a couple of links.

First, via the Comics Reporter, a link to a great Toth-illustrated story for Creepy magazine, one from the later years when the overall quality of the magazines weren't so high but they still pulled something upon occasion like this, which not only demonstrates Toth's mastery (LOVE that lettering), but also the excellence of writer Archie Goodwin as he spins a tale which serves as not only a somewhat sci-fi story with a twist, but a rumination on life and death and lack of government funding for disease control, and many other things I don't have time for.

It comes from this site, in which we also find an older Toth story, as well as some John Severin and a couple of excellent Lady Luck stories by Klaus Nordling. Something about those blonde comic book babes from the Forties...

Last of the Spinner Rack Junkies. Man, I wish I had named my PopCultureShock column that.

Also, someone posted this morally reprehensible DC romance comic story on their LJ, which I can't defend at all except to state that it has some nice experessive (especially in the faces) Jerry Grandenetti art, and I'm probably the only person in the whole Comics Blogosphereiverse that cares about the art on that particular story.

More later, I hope.

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