Monday, May 15, 2006

I don't know how many of you check out the ol' LJ, but in an effort to post more often over at this, the main gig, I'll cross-post some shorties that I put up over there.

First, sad news: Apparently Manhunter has gotten the axe. Figures. Just when I get good and interested in it. Oh well, ces't la.

I didn't really know that it was in danger of cancellation, but I'm hardly surprised. I used to keep up with sales figures a lot better, but it seems like I never see the column that Marc-Oliver Frisch used to have at the Pulse anymore...but then again I just don't check out the comics news sites like I useta.

An amusing ancedote from Casa Bacardi:

Last night, my mostly non-comic book reading wife, who has been watching some Justice League reruns with me upon occasion, asked me in all innocence as we viewed the final Unlimited episode:

"Wait- there are two falcon people? What's their story? Are they a couple?"

Looking at the screen, and seeing Hawkman, I realized to my horror what she was asking me to explain.

I said, "Please- don't ask. PLEASE! DON'T. ASK!"

Of course, I tried to explain anyway and made no sense, I'm sure.

More sad news:

I was weirded out and more than a little saddened earlier this week when I read this CBR interview with True Story, Swear to God's Tom Beland, in which he discusses his breakup with the erstwhile One True Love of His Life, Lily...not a week after reading the first TS:STG trade collection which details how they met.

I know, I know, I'm just a big ol' soft pile of mush. But I do know this- if the subsequent issues are nothing but soap opera and heartbreak, then I ain't readin' em. Unless, of course, I get comped...

And finally:

It amazes me that of all the things that DC has published and deleted, THIS is still in print. And you can even download a four-page PDF preview, which of course shows nothing much.

Still, this is one of my favorite graphic novels, even though it's Chaykin writing through his J.F. Moore filter, and it's strangely gratifying to know that it's still available.

Yeah, lazy, I know.

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