Sunday, May 14, 2006

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Look! Justice League Detroit! And Gypsy!

Anyway, you probably know that this is a screencap from last night's final original episode of Justice League Unlimited, and it was a bittersweet experience indeed. McDuffie, Timm and Co. pulled out all the stops to give the faithful an appropriate sendoff, and they certainly succeeded- so much kewl stuff:

Superman's speech to Darkseid before throwing what has to be the greatest punch he's ever thrown anywhere, in any medium;

DCU Ditko creations like Hawk & Dove and the Creeper (who should have had an episode in which he played a bigger part) kicking Parademon booty before ceding the stage to another Ditko creation, The Question, running down Parademons in a beat-up old car;

Giganta (or whatever her name is) planting a big kiss on the Flash;

Batman dodges an Omega beam! An OMEGA BEAM! Of course, I'd like to see him do it again...

The return of J'onn J'onzz, completely unexpected and a FUCK YEAH moment if ever I seed one;

Did I mention that GYPSY was in this episode?

Anyway, that's just a few of the great moments. Of course, I could nit-pick about the ending, and BEWARE OF SPOILERS-

You mean to tell me that Luthor could enter the Source Wall and not become just another bas-relief? How did he survive? Did they mean to infer that he still had enough Braniac in his head to absorb the knowledge? And Luthor has the Anti-Life Equation, and doesn't attempt to use it? Surely he'd know that Darkseid is as susceptable to its effects as anyone. And really, the timing of the whole resolution was just a bit rushed and sudden after all the buildup.

Also, I missed Doc Fate and Aquaman; wonder where they were? It would have been kinda cool to have Aquaman running down the steps at the end with the rest of JL Day-twah.

Still, it was hardly a dealbreaker, and after all is said and done it was a great way to wind up what has to be considered a wonderful period, beginning waaay back with Batman: The Animated Series. I, for one, will miss looking forward to new Saturday night episodes, no matter how scattered apart they were. Hopefully, the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes series will pick up the slack, but it has a heck of an act to follow.

No more animated Gypsy. Sob.

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