Friday, May 05, 2006

"New" Replacements album!

Well, yeah, it's another best-of, but unlike Warners' All for Nothing, Nothing for All it at least has a handful of TwinTone cuts to go along with the Sire-era tracks. And it features two recently recorded cuts by Paul, Tommy and Chris Mars...wonder what Slim Dunlop was doing?

Here's a tracklist:

"Takin a Ride"
"Shiftless When Idle"
"Kids Don't Follow"
"Color Me Impressed"
"Within Your Reach"
"I Will Dare"
"Answering Machine"
"Here Comes a Regular"
"Kiss Me on the Bus"
"Bastards of Young"
"Left of the Dial"
"Alex Chilton"
"Can't Hardly Wait"
"Achin' To Be"
"I'll Be You"
"Merry Go Round"
"Message to the Boys"
"Pool & Dive"

Well, of course I could nitpick, but this isn't a bad lineup for a single CD. I wish they could have found room for "Dope Smokin' Moron", "Androgynous", "Waitress in the Sky", "Swingin' Party", "Sixteen Blue", "The Ledge"... oh well, I guess everyone could make their own list. Some of the best times I had in the late 80's were with the 'Mats in the background or in a couple of instances onstage, and I still get all nostalgic about them. They'll probably never get back together, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

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