Saturday, April 23, 2005

Well hello there! No, I'm not dead, nor have I stopped blogging. Sorry to disappoint. But I've been spinning a lot of plates lately, and just haven't been able to summon up the ol' blogging mojo. Baby. The blogforce has not been strong within me lately. Between job interviews and the incessant waiting for one to make their decision, to the usual do-nothing-Monday-thru-Wednesday-then-pile-everything-on-us-on-Thursday-and-Friday workflow we have in place here at the Snooze, money woes, family issues, et cetera, et's been wearying. And when Dave is weary, not much bloggage issues forth. Rest assured that I have indeed been reading, listening, and watching as much if not more than usual (when one is weary, one tends to stare at the tube for hours on end), and I'll try to get around to writing about some of it ASAP. I've got comics reviews coming later today, after I get home from work and watch the NFL draft for a while. Atlanta picks #27.

TV? I've been loving recent episodes of Deadwood...they've been Machiavellian in their multiple twists and turns and amazing character development. I've kinda-sorta been watching Gray's Anatomy, to see the sexy Sandra Oh. I don't generally care for medical shows as a rule, but this one is watchable, even when Oh's not onscreen. To change gears slightly, Avatar, The Last Airbender has been outstanding- lots of nice character stuff and action there, even though it's written for pre-and-now-teens.

Movies? Well, I haven't watched very many at all, especially new-to-me ones. I'd love to rent House of Flying Daggers, but I really can't afford to visit Blockbuster right now. I miss Netflix, but hell, I can't afford that either which is why I dropped it. I sat through Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night, and liked it more this time than when I watched it initially. Perhaps knowing more about the story the second time around helped. I will say this- Jim Carrey (and I never thought I'd type these words) was great. Hell of a performance.

Comics? You'll see.

May I deliver a quick shot before I'm done? My respect for Alan David Doane knows no bounds, and when he says "look", I look nine times out of ten. But I disagree with his dismissive take on Flight. Sometimes it's OK for stories not to be heavily laden with substance and significance, especially when they're rendered with (in most cases) a wealth of visual elan. Perhaps it's my admitted bias towards the visual at the expense of the cerebral, who knows, and he's certainly entitled to his opinion- but I feel he has underrated these collections.

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