Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Can I just say something real quick?

Last night's (well, OK, Sunday night's- I didn't see it till last night) Deadwood was quite possibly the best episode yet of an excellent second season. I was hugely entertained. Where to begin- Jane (much funnier and interesting each episode than I thought she'd be) and the "Little N----- General" sharing a bottle, Bullock preventing a tarring-and-feathering by the power of his mighty clench, Richardson's pathetic/funny crush on Alma G, who is, of course, knocked up; Tolliver thrashing about like a bull in the china shop of his machinations, the scheming Miss Isringhausen using her feminine wiles to play Silas Adams, Al Swearengen's horrible right eye...can't wait for the TWoP synopsis. Can't wait till next week! I hope that Al doesn't get suckered by Miss Is- surely he, of all people, will see through her game and turn it to his own ends, stroke or no stroke...

That is all. Thank you.

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