Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And now, may I have your attention for the following announcements:

First, from the High Overlord of the Comic Book Galaxy himself, Alan David Doane:

Firstly, today we are running a multi-part look at the recent comics
anthology called PROJECT SUPERIOR with a feature we're calling The


The PROJECT SUPERIOR Project features an all-star team of Galaxy
reviewers weighing in on one of the most significant artcomix releases
of the year to date, as well as resources and other information to
assist readers in learning about, purchasing and enjoying PROJECT

Secondly, today we launch THE SUPER-F*CKING CONTEST, sponsored by Top
Shelf Productions and James Kochalka. One reader is going to win:

* The American Elf hardcover, collecting five years of James
Kochalka's daily diary comic strips

* An original painting by James Kochalka

* A copy of Super-F*ckers #1

* And The Comics Journal #222, featuring a cover by and interview
with, you guessed it, James Kochalka!

That's not all, nine runners-up will also take home a copy of
Super-F*ckers #1 absolutely free!

So go check it out already! Then come right back, because here's a little heads-up from Johanna Draper Constantine, I mean Carlson:

The voting period for 2004's Rec.Arts.Comics Awards (popularly known as "The Squiddies") is underway.

The Squiddies are the rec.arts.comics newsgroups' annual comics industry awards. Except for the CBG awards, no still-existing industry award is older. Known originally as "the Great Usenet Comics Poll," the Squiddies have been continuously awarded every year since the mid-1980's.

All readers of any of the rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups are invited to vote. Whether fan or professional, lurker or poster, occasional or regular reader, we want to hear from you. Last year, vote totals in many categories were extremely close. Every vote makes a difference--including yours.

For more, go here. There's also a comics blog category this year, which should be interesting.

Also, sayonara and domo arigato to Franklin of Franklin's Findings, who has put his blog on hiatus for the time being as he assumes a new job. Congratulations- our loss is their gain.

Tempering this, thought, is Sean Collins' announcement that he's resurrecting Attentiondeficitdisorderlytooflat! Whoot!

John Leavitt wishes it to be known that there's a new illustration blog in town: www.illustrae.com. Have a look-see and let 'em know what you think.

Here's this month's Ferret Press contest, featuring a ton of mini-comics. Happy 2 year anniversary, by the way!

This concludes the public service announcements. Thank you and have a nice day. I hope to have some actual writing soon.

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