Wednesday, September 08, 2004

In the immortal words of John Cleese: "And now for something completely different".

Longtime readers of the Show will no doubt recall that I have a little thing I like to do called Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications, or "Your chance to lose your money by betting using JB's picks". Yes, it's that time once again- the NFL season is almost here. Tomorrow night, the 2004 season kicks off with a rematch of last year's AFC championship between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, and I'll get around to picking the winner of that contest shortly (and later, the other weekend games)- but first, I'm gonna stick my neck out and give you my predictions for the upcoming season. Not only will I predict the order, but the RECORD as well. Gasp! And away we go.

AFC EAST: New England (13-3), NY Jets (8-8), Buffalo (7-9), Miami (6-10).
AFC NORTH: Baltimore (11-5), Cincinnati (9-7), Pittsburgh (7-9), Cleveland (4-12).
AFC SOUTH: Indianapolis (12-4), Tennessee (10-6), Jacksonville (7-9), Houston (5-11).
AFC WEST: Kansas City (10-6), Denver (8-8), Oakland (5-11), San Diego (3-13).

NFC EAST: Philadelphia (12-4), Washington (9-7), Dallas (7-9), NY Giants (5-11).
NFC NORTH: Green Bay (11-5), Minnesota (9-7), Detroit (6-10), Chicago (4-12).
NFC SOUTH: Carolina (11-5), New Orleans (9-7), Atlanta (8-8), Tampa Bay (8-8).
NFC WEST: Seattle (13-3), St. Louis (9-7), San Fransisco (6-10), Arizona (4-12).

AFC Playoff Teams: New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Tennessee*, Cincinnati*.
NFC Playoff Teams: Philadelphia, Green Bay, Carolina, Seattle, Minnesota*, New Orleans*.

AFC Championship: Indianapolis vs. New England, and revenge for Peyton Manning.
NFC Championship: Philadelphia vs. Seattle, and I think that the 'Hawks are greener than Philly in playoff games. Fourth time will be the charm for McNabb & Co.

SUPER BOWL: Philadelphia vs. Indianapolis WINNER: Philadelphia.

I have now jinxed your team, Geeky. I apologize in advance.

Tomorrow night's game: New England over Indianapolis.

I love me some NFL football.

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