Saturday, September 25, 2004

Boy, the last couple of days have been a straight up bitch. Busy, busy, busy. Lots of stuff going on. Hopefully I'll get to make some blog hay today and tomorrow, and right now I'll make time for...


Standard disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Please do not be stupid and take your hard-earned money and bet it illegally using my picks. You don't know me- I may be insane, or pulling your leg. Also, don't do drugs, m'kay?

ATLANTA over Arizona (This would appear to be a stone cold lock, and that's why it scares me. But SURELY Atlanta can beat the banged-up Cards at the Georgia Dome!3-0! Amazing!)
CINCINNATI over Baltimore
MINNESOTA over Chicago
The NEW YORK football GIANTS over Cleveland
HOUSTON over Kansas City (And boy, will this get the shit stirred up in KC)
TENNESSEE over Jacksonville (but you might want to take the Jags and the points- not that you should wager illegaly or anything)
ST.LOUIS over New Orleans
PHILADELPHIA over Detroit (But for some reason, I think this will be close)
MIAMI over Pittsburgh
DENVER over San Diego
INDIANAPOLIS over Green Bay (Again, you may want to take GB and the points)
SEATTLE over San Fransisco (Sorry, Mik)
OAKLAND over Tampa Bay
WASHINGTON over Dallas

Last week: 11-5. Year to date: 19-13. Fantasy: Money league, lost 35-23, 0-2. Sad, sad. Freebie Yahoo league, lost 53-52. Ouch. 1-1.

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