Monday, March 15, 2004

Weekend update time, I suppose. Hold on, this could get lengthy and rambleicious.

Actually, I worked somewhere every day this weekend. Friday, after doing the graphics thing, I worked from 7-9:30 at the radio station, working the board at the studio for the live broadcast of the high school 5th region tournament game we were carrying. Saturday, the same, only I worked at the Snooze from 7:30-12:30, then spent some time with the grandson that afternoon (it was our weekend), then worked the board again for the championship game, in which my high school alma mater Caverna defeated the nominal best team in the region, Elizabethtown, to go to the state tournament in Lexington's Rupp Arena for the first time in 25 years. So congrats to the Colonels of Caverna, it's not very often when any team from there gets to go to the championship game of any sport.

Yesterday, I did the Sunday morning radio station thing that I do every 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month , helping the steadfastly religious folks of this area get their preachin' prayin' singin' shoutin' fix. And all this pretty much precluded me getting to blog much, except comics reviews, or bury my head in the sand of popular culture. But I managed to disturb that vast beach just a little.

In comics, I sat down and re-read a series which I really, really hope to get to write a paragraph or three about soon, but I can't decide whethere or not to do it as its own blog entry or as part of a "all-time favorite comics" ongoing series of posts. We shall soon see.

I have also finally gotten back to reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I was stuck for a long time in one place, and have determined to finish the darn thing. One problem is that I bought it to read on the ill-fated flight to Nebraska, and unfortunately I now associate the book with that debacle. But I will finish it. Oh yes.

Saw two movies: the funny Get Shorty, which I had viewed once several years ago but hadn't seen since, and last year's Basic, a sort of Rashomon meets Platoon which squandered a hell of a ensemble cast by becoming tiresome by virtue of giving us about three dozen more plot twists than the average movie. That being said, it maintained my interest until the "what the hell-?" ending, which for some perverse reason I kinda liked. Spoiler (sorta) alert! I'd like to see that group of actors go on from where this film ended and give us a "Section 8" action movie, but I won't hold my breath.

I also watched a couple of college basketball games as well, mostly University of Kentucky games, but also segments of others over this, NCAA tournament selection weekend. I used to be a hardcore (or maybe, more accurately, softcore) bracket junkie, often participating in several bracket pools at once, but circumstances have caused me to kick the habit to the point where I don't even fill out a bracket sheet anymore. Still, I like to know who's going where and who plays whom, especially UK, so I keep up.

I also spent a few minutes listening to my newest eBay acquisition, and an album I've been looking for for a long, long time now: Bert Jansch's Moonshine. It's still early, but it's a well-played, low-key Britfolk album with some very nice songs...but it hasn't grabbed me like the Pentangle album from around that time, Solomon's Seal, did. I'm just happy I finally scored a copy- one less thing to obsess over, I suppose!

This will do for now- more later, hopefully.

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