Friday, March 26, 2004

Music over the last couple of days: The Black Crowes-Three Snakes and One Charm, Trip Shakespeare-Across The Universe, Booth and the Bad Angel, Flaming Lips-The Soft Bulletin, the Essential Earth, Wind and Fire, The Essential Miles Davis, T.Rex-Bolan's Zip-Gun, In Time- The Best of R.E.M., the Strokes-Is This It?, Masters of Reality-Deep In the Hole, and an oldies CD I lifted from the radio station that has two Marianne Faithfull cuts that I like- of course, "As Tears Go By" and one which I had never heard before but just dig the hell out of right now-"Go Away From My World" with a great, string section-facilitated chord change that just blows me right away.

That's all I can think of, anyway...I know there are more.

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