Wednesday, March 03, 2004

From Poopsheet news comes this announcement of a new Scott Morse project that sounds interesting, called Spaghetti Western.

Not that I'm trying to be a news source or anything, heaven knows...but if I see something interesting, I'll pass it on...

Speaking of passing on, here's an interesting interview with Losers and Swamp Thing writer Andy Diggle, in which he discusses some of his ideas for both series. I hadn't planned on picking up the new Swamp Thing ongoing, but since it promises to be a light day today I might just give it a try. Tempering my curiosity somewhat is the news that Diggle will only be writing the first four issues, then will turn it over to Will (H-E-R-O, Aquaman) Pfiefer, who impressed me with the first few issues of H-E-R-O and his late 90's Vertigo mini Finals, but whose stuff has left me cold lately. Funny how that works- I previously had no use for Diggle's work after the lackluster Lady Constantine miniseries I had read, but I'm digging his stuff so much on The Losers that I'm willing to take a flyer on his latest.

Mercy buckets to Kevin Melrose for pointing it out.

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