Thursday, March 25, 2004

My friend the Bacardi Show Political Correspondent keeps telling me I should forget about the Great Escape comics shop and do as he do- get them from the subscription service at Midtown Comics' website. They not only bag & board them for you free of charge, they also give a 15% discount, none of which I get at good ol' TGE. So I went over there to check it out, built a subscription list so I could see how many of the books I buy on a regular basis would be there plus much shipping would be, clicked on "continue", and was informed by the nice screen that 15 monthly comics on my list are required, and I only had 12. Sigh. And that's counting books I'm considering dropping, like H-E-R-O and The Legion. So, not wishing to start buying some cranked-out DC or Marvel monthly just to activate my subscription service, I remain, for the time being anyway, a mostly loyal customer of the Great Escape. Sigh.

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