Thursday, March 18, 2004

Like Short Round said, sorta: "No time for Blog, Doctor Jones!"

I've been crazy busy at home and at work lately, so not much time to collect my thoughts about anything. I've only had time to leave a few comments here and there. So bear with me. I'm off this weekend and Monday, so I hope to make some bloghay then.

A couple of things, while looking over my shoulder for the lady and her never-ending armload of job envelopes:

Is it me, but is this comics blogosphereiverse beginning to resemble the black & white publishing boom of the Eighties? It seems like three dozen new, mostly very good, comics-themed blogs pop up every week, and I'm beginning to experience sensory overload from trying to follow them!

My high school alma mater, Caverna, won their opening-round game in the Kentucky boys' basketball state tournament last night. They play again Friday, I believe.

Got a copy of Jeff Parker's Interman the other day, but I haven't had time to read it yet. Looks good, but I haven't had much sit-down time lately...I'm not even finished with the four comics I bought last night! My shop got short-shipped on The Moth, so I'm told I'll get it next week. Thanks again to Jeff, especially for the cool sketch on the first page!

Speaking of my brushes with greatness, I received a phone call from Trevor Von Eeden, who wanted to tell me that he's finished the drawing he was working on for me, and plans to send it plus the page from Thriller 5 he obtained for me soon. Looking forward to seeing what he's done! Which reminds me that I absolutely need to get to work on re-doing my website so I can update it and add the cool stuff I've gotten from Trevor so far.

Watched Star Trek: Nemesis the night before last. I found it watchable and even enjoyable in places , despite the fact that most of its best plot threads were recycled from other Trek flicks and the main adversary alternately reminded me of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil or "Adore"-video era Billy Corgan. I'll try to opine more later about it.

Brendan, Moonshine will be one of the ten in the next Vinyl-O, whenever I can get my shite together enough to write it!

All right, that'll do for now.

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