Friday, March 19, 2004

July 3rd is the date for the next Free Comic Book Day, according to Newsarama, and scrolling down through the listed offerings, it looks like a mixed bag with a few titles standing out, at least to me:

TEEN TITANS GO!- I don't buy this series, although I like the cartoon, but I don't have a problem with sampling it for free. Of course, I'll also be picking up the upcoming "pay" issue with the Mad Mod...

THE ADHOUSE BOOKS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY COMIC BOOK features Scott Morse, among others, with the results of their Scott McCloud-suggested 24 hour comic challenge.

BEST OF DORK STORM PRESS #2: I think I'll get this for the Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink strip. I thought the online preview I read was pretty darn funny.

The art for REGGIE-12, by one Brian Ralph, looks interesting and the story sounds fun. Im totally unfamiliar with both Ralph and the Giant Robot comic from whence he came, so see- Free Comic Book Day really does get people to check out product that they wouldn't otherwise!

LOVE FIGHTS #1/EVEREST: FACING THE GODDESS preview by Andi Watson, Greg Rucka, and Scott Morse: Can't pass on this! Even though it looks like I'll be getting Love Fights in trade only...

SLAVE LABOR STORIES #2 Milk & Cheese & Bill & Ted. Most outstanding!

TOP SHELF TALES by James Kochalka, Jeffrey Brown, Scott Morse, and Aaron Renier: Scott Morse is Savoir Faire during FCBD! He's everywhere! And I fully realize that if you've never seen an episode of Klondike Kat, then you have no idea what that reference means.

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