Friday, March 12, 2004

OK. I've got a question. There's a fellow, a Fifties and Sixties comic book creator, who was there for the dawn of the Silver Age at DC Comics, and created several characters who, in some fashion or another, are still very much in the public eye to this day.

Who is it, you may ask? John Broome? Bernard Sachs? Mort Meskin? Murray Boltinoff? France Herron? Nope.

His name is Dave Wood. He co-wrote such titles as Challengers of the Unknown and Green Arrow with Kirby, along with Sky Masters and I'm sure others, and created Robby Reed and Dial H For Hero, Animal Man (or was at least his first writer), and Ultra The Multi-Alien. So what I wanna know is- who the hell is/was he? Is he still alive? Is he still writing anything, even if it's non-comics related? What is his place in the grand order of things? Anybody?

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