Saturday, November 06, 2004

Hey, let's do some linkblogging to get warmed up, whaddaya say?

Although recent events have caused me to doubt this, I believe that most people like to think, and I certainly think most people are inclined to want to exist. Therefore, it stands to reason that we should have a site called, which is a great place to read interesting quotations by the eminently quotable.

You may recall, a month or two ago, that I was poking a little fun at the awkwardly posed cover for Image's Victory Pt.2 #3 when I commented on the company's December solicits. A few weeks later, I received an email from that cover's artist, Attila Adorjany...and much to my relief, he was a good sport about what I said, even agreeing with me a little. He also provided a link to his website,, on which much arty goodness can be found, with awkward poses few and far between.

Staying with art sites, here are a few I've checked out lately and enjoyed:

James (Jamie) Baker
Mia creator Enrico Casarosa
Denis Goulet
Phil Craven
Froghat Studios (Chris Applehans)
Ben Hatke, and his character Zita the Space Girl.

One of the more dismaying things I've read lately, besides election results, was the possibility of a Killraven movie. You may recall that the 70's series, a revamp of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds is one of my all-time favorite series, especially when written by Don McGregor and illustrated by Craig Russell. Marvel published an updated version of this character a year or so ago, which I thought was awful...and you can bet your ass that will be the one they go by when they make the film. Avi Arad, I'm watching you, buddy! Anyway, I found a site devoted to many of Marvel's visions of the future, of which Killraven is but one. It's called Guardians of the Worlds, and it is pretty thorough in its sections pertaining to KR and his world.

Guess I'll need to watch the American Music Awards- they're gonna air a lost Beatles performance! Then I can change the channel.

I've been listening to the Musical Justice and Nervous Wreck Radio "adult alternative"/ stations on, and they've both been playing cuts from this album, and every damn one I've heard so far is great. Guess this means I should try to get it one of these days, huh!

Did anybody catch last night's Real Time With Bill Maher? What the hell was the deal with Senator Alan Simpson? I almost felt kinda sorry for ol' Bill, which is hard to do most of the time! It was like there were two different conversations going on at once. Bill can be an ass, but I didn't think he directed any of his snark at the Senator, who just went kinda nuts. Anyway, here's Maher's web site.

As of this writing, I'm the high bidder on an eBay auction for a set of issues 1-8 of The Monolith. I'll let you know if I get them.

Here's something really cool (well, I think so, anyway): The Warner Brothers Records Story site! It's a brief history, accompanied by links which list every album released by WB and its labels like Reprise, Brother, Discreet, Straight, Bizarre, etc. Not a lot of info on each album, only track listings...but I, for one, was fascinated.

That's all I got for now. NFL picks comin' up! I leave you with one last link, courtesy of Evan Dorkin and his Dairy Products Gone Bad.

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