Friday, November 05, 2004

Hello, everybody. I'm still around. Been kinda down, as have many of you, I'm sure...but life goes on and it's useless to dwell on recent events any more than is necessary.

I can't really say for sure why this particular election hit me as hard as it did. I've always been kinda apathetic about politics, believing all politicians to be in pocket to someone, and that there's not all that much difference between them. Of course, it took Dubya and his cronies to prove me wrong...there are degrees of evil, and I think what we're seeing is off the scales. It's not that I think George himself is an evil man, not necessarily- he's too much the simpleton to be truly malevolent. I'm sure he's been convinced by the real triumverate of evil- Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rove- that he's doing God's work, and making his Daddy proud, and I'm sure that (if nothing else) motivates him to stay in his place and be a figurehead. We've had figurehead Presidents before- his Dad, for example, and certainly the no less simple but not-as-pious Ronald Reagan...but the handlers behind this Bush are reprehensible- and I think, more than anything, I'm stunned and disheartened that people just can't see that, or even worse, don't care. And not just the gullible and easily manipulated among us- there are many educated, intelligent people who think that since Bush appears to be a moral, Christian man, and makes all the proper moral, Christian noises, that he is by far the best man to lead. These are not slack-jawed yokels, but sharp, smart people. I don't know. It's enough to make you despair. The GOP are crowing about "mandates" and "record turnouts and margins of victory" but conveniently overlook the fact that Kerry got more votes in his losing cause than Bush did when he allegedly won in 2000! I don't understand how someone like me, who doesn't follow politics all that closely, can see this but others far more interested and committed to the subject can't. Maybe I don't get my information from the proper sources, too many left-wing liberal writers and articles, who knows. I try to read columns by conservative pundits as well, but I just don't seem to be able to see things their way.

And I'm not so sure that Kerry really lost. I tell you, the more you find out the sicker you get. I worry about my 22-year-old son, and the looming threat of the draft in order to fight the war to get Bush Sr.'s dignity back. Heck, I worry about my grandson, who's almost six now, but who knows how long Bush's junta will go on, and where it will lead next. I worry about lots of things, too numerous to cite. But that's enough- outrage and despondency only lasts so long. The American people deserve, I think, what they're going to get, and I just hope that enough of the country survives that we can maybe set things right in four years. It may not be possible, in the system we have now...especially if the GOP can rig the results of elections like they appear to have done this year, and four years ago. And if, like the religious element among us would have you think, this was God's will, then God's got a lotta 'splainin' to do.

OK. There's a reason why I don't blog political here at the Show, and this is it. Lots of people do the poliblog thing, and do it extraordinarily well, and state their positions far more cogently than I do. This has been the utmost thing on my mind lately, and hopefully with this I'll clear the decks and get back into doing what I do "best": the comics/music/movie/sports/et cetera thing.

I'm kinda beginning to feel like I'm standing at the station, while the comics blogosphere train is rocketing by...I've had a lot of plates spinning lately, from three different job opportunities (none worked out, sorry to say-looks like I'm gonna be stuck at the low-paying and unrewarding job for the rest of my life) to a freelance writing assignment (almost finished...until the inevitable corrections and rewrites) and a logo design job, all in the space of a little over a month! I've been reading a lot of stuff written on other people's blogs, and have left a comment when I could...but between all that stuff plus just plain old being BUSY at the low paying unrewarding job (LPUJ) plus all of that real-world life stuff, I just haven't been able to concentrate on the Show much at all. Maybe this will change, now that most of these distractions have been resolved one way or another. I hope. I've been listening to some music lately, and reading lots of comics (some of which I haven't had the chance to review), and watching the occasional movie and TV show, and where this would have all been discussed right here, I've been letting it slide. I suppose I should apologize- you, after all, grant me a little bit of your time each day when you visit this page, looking for something interesting to read- and when I don't deliver, I disappoint, and if I disappoint enough you won't come back.

Enough rambling for tonight. Tomorrow, comics reviews and NFL picks, two things which I've been able to continue to do, if nothing else, then who knows what else.

Chin-chin, everyone. Oyasumi nasai.

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