Thursday, November 11, 2004

No, I don't own copies of Lost At Sea or Scott Pilgrim. I considered entering Pieratikos' contest that involved the latter, but couldn't think of a single damn reason why I wanted to read it. I just did, that's all...and I knew "I just did" wouldn't cut it, so I abstained. Someday, I'll get them both, but in the meantime I can, and so can you, go check out Scott Pilgrim progenitor Mr. Bryan Lee O'Malley's website, which has, apparently, featured his recent attempts to master watercolor illustration, like the excellent example at left. Of course, most of the Comics Blogosphere are already O'Malley acolytes, so I guess I'm preaching to the choir...and like Grant Morrison's Agent "!", who came as no surprise, I'm sure this site is well known to the mosts of youse. Guess I just wanted to say that I'm really digging those watercolors, and hope you do the same.

I was led to Mr. O'Malley's page via Jen Wang's recent posting on the Pants Press Sketchblog- she has some fine, fine watercolors of her own there. Go, look, it's OK- I'll still be here when you get back, sweet Loretta Modern.

Music today? Why shore: George Harrison-Thirty-Three & 1/3*; Elton John-Blue Moves; The White Stripes-Elephant; The Beatles-Rubber Soul; Uriah Heep-Anthology (stop snickering); Paul Westerberg-Suicane Gratifaction; Joe Henry-Kindness of the World; Nick Drake-Pink Moon; Warre Zevon-My Ride's Here. One of those nose-to-the-grindstone type days at the ULPJ, dont'cha know. Oh yeah- * signifies vinyl. In fact, I'm listening to that one this very minute!

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