Monday, November 22, 2004

You may recall my earlier linkage to the site of artist Enrico Casarosa; he launched an interesting new project yesterday called Sketchcrawl, which is, essentially, a call for artists to do a 24-hour sketch of events in their lives that day, if I understand it correctly. He's created a website for his and others' efforts, called, surprisingly enough,

Here's the info, straight from where I read about it-the Pulse.

I hear you asking- "Gee, Johnny B- if it's so cool why don't YOU participate? Don't you draw?" Ha, ha. Silly people. Me?? Draw? I draw a (puny) paycheck. I draw flies when I don't bathe for a few days. I draw a ten when I play blackjack and need an 8. It is to laugh.

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