Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Well, another day has gone by, and no bloginess out of me. Worked half a day at the ULPJ, then went and bought my week's worth of comics. I did sign up for Jingle Belle, and as it turned out Burglar Bill, too...but I put Bill back on the shelf. Sorry, Paul. Maybe when the trade comes out.

Spent about an hour doing my pre-recorded voice tracks for tonight at WLOC, then when I got home, I fell asleep, and slept right through a thunderstorm which blew in this afternoon! Later on, my son rolled in and brought back the DVD player he had borrowed, so I could watch the two discs I got from Netflix yesterday: Bubba Ho-Tep and Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts.

I've received some interesting music lately as well: Neil Young's Greatest Hits, John Lennon-Acoustic and the remastered Rock N' Roll plus a promo CD of Beatles songs in both stereo and mono mixes from the new US box set, and Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon. Truly, now more than ever, everything old is new again.

Here is the part where I always say that I intend to write about all this at some later date; however, given my track record lately of promising stuff I don't deliver, maybe I should just shut the funk up and move on.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, as I'm sure you know. I really like Thanksgiving, which is kind of an overlooked holiday- it's dedicated to two things I like: eating and NFL football. Well, there's also that "giving thanks for the many blessings" thing, but that comes in a distant third to dinner and football.

So, since I doubt I'll be posting much, if anything, tomorrow, here's a very special edition of


Two games tomorrow, and I see 'em like this:

INDIANAPOLIS over Detroit: I don't see any way the Lions can shut down Manning & co.

DALLAS over Chicago: Two teams going nowhere fast; I really think the Bears are the better team, but the better team doesn't always win in the NFL, plus the Cowboys are at home, PLUS I just can't see a Parcells-coached team losing as many in a row as they have so far. It's got to stop eventually, and this may be their best chance lately.

Last week: 13-3, baby! Boo-yah! Season to date: 94-66, .588.

Fantasy: A rare occurrence: I won in both leagues! 48-32 in the Cut-Throat money league, making me 4-7, still dead in the water but a win's a win; and 61-42 in the freebie Yahoo league. 6-5, still tied for 4th in a 12-team league.

This now concludes today's all-purpose post. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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