Sunday, November 14, 2004

From Pulse comes the news of a upcoming new Jingle Belle series, to be released by Dark Horse (previous issues had been from Oni- I wonder Oni decided not to keep the character?) on November 24.

Like I say in the comments, Dini hooked me early, with those fine early issues with great art by Steven DeStefano and Jason Bone.
Problem is, the last couple of releases have been saddled with (IMO, of course) heavy-handed, obvious satire and lackluster my enthusiasm has dimmed a bit for the book. Still, it's great to see Bone come back, and on an Ida Red tale to boot...and that pinup with the candy cane, plus the neon cover, are very nice.

I'll never warm to Jose Garibaldi, the illustrator on the last couple of projects (I'm afraid), and the artist on the Polly Green tale's style is a bit too "poor man's Phil Foglio" for my tastes...but what we're seeing here looks promising.

I'm working on comics reviews right now, hopefully they'll be up before end of day.

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