Friday, September 17, 2004

Well, whaddaya know. It hasn't been quite as busy as usual this morning, so I've even had some time to click around here and there, and I see where CBR has Image's December solicits up. Some of the entries are very noteworthy indeed, and since I went through DC's the other day it's only fair that I do these as well...

JACK STAFF #8 Looks like it's back to WWII for Jack, as they take on a new menace named Kapitan Krieg. It brings back memories of the first four Dancing Elephant issues of Jack, and even features the return of the Freedom Fighters. SPOILERS HERE: I'm assuming it's pre-vamp Sgt. States...regardless, it doesn't get much better these days, in my opinion, than Paul Grist and as long as he serves 'em up I'll be picking 'em up.

Speaking of Grist, Image is also giving us BURGLAR BILL #2, reprinting some of his early 90's work. It's fine, but I didn't start getting real excited about Grist until Jack Staff and later Kane, so while I considered getting these I passed. Maybe someday.

THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS #1 looks like fun, and the cover looks pretty good. Most attempts to depict the rock'n'roll lifestyle via the comic fall flat, but hope springs eternal, and maybe this might be the one.

BATTLE HYMN #1 I love B. Clay Moore's Hawaiian Dick, as I'm sure you all know, but I have my doubts about this. Scanning the synopsis, I just get too much seen-that-before for me to get real excited about it. Still, the cover looks nice, so I'll check it out further before I commit. I have this fear of commitment sometimes.

CHOLLY AND FLYTRAP #2 I remember the name from Epic Magazine, and maybe even Heavy Metal...but that didn't look or sound anything like this. Is Suydam recycling, perhaps? Or is this just a non-representative cover. Either way, Suydam's Frazetta-meets-Vess style has never really excited me, so I think I'll pass.

DESPERADO PRIMER Lotta interesting names attached to this, and for 2 bucks I might give it a look. Just for curiosity's sake, y'understand.

And now, by far the best news I've heard lately: FLAMING CARROT #1! The Dreadnought of Chicanery returns! Sure, it's quarterly, but at least it's all Bob Burden. Plus, maybe we'll get to find out the fate of Sponge Boy from the Atomeka one-shot story...woo hoo! The Carrot is BACK!

G-MAN #1 I always liked Chris Giarrusso's Giant-Size Mini-Marvels one-shots, and now he's got his own character. Looks like fun, but that 6 dollar price tag is a major deterrent.

By far the most unintentionally funny cover of the month has to be that of VICTORY, VOL. 2 #3, at left. Even as one admires the skill of artist Attila Adorjany and the...assets...of its subject, one also has to wonder which will happen first: whether she'll fall flat on her shapely posterior, or forward on her honkin' big sword. Either way, I don't intend to buy this and find out.

It's nice to see that THE WALKING DEAD keeps on shuffling along; #15 is the issue cited here. There's also a second printing coming out of the first 6 issues, for those foolish souls who missed them the first time around.

When I saw the title WATERLOO SUNSET, #3 of which is solicited this month, I first thought someone had done a comic book about the brothers Davies. Sadly, this isn't the case, it's another dreary post-apocalyptic scenario type saga instead. Pass.

Finally, here's something that does excite me: THE BEATLES: SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON ACTION FIGURES! I liked the cartoon back in the day on ABC as a even-then Beatle-savvy kid; even though the characters didn't resemble the Fabs as the were in real life at that stage, it was still a lot of fun and the music was, of course, impeccable. When they aired it again on MTV several years later, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they hadn't dated all that badly, certainly not like many of the superheroic toons of the time had, anyway. So I think a set of these McFarlane figures would look seven differnt kinds of cool on my TV set next to the stereo; if you agree, the PayPal button is in the links bar at top right underneath Martini Devil Girl.

Blatant panhandling aside, this completes my look at Image's December offerings. Woo hoo! The Flaming Carrot!

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