Thursday, September 09, 2004

Well, here it is, 11:37 PM on Thursday night, and I've posted nothing. Insanely busy today at the Snooze, almost the polar opposite of Tuesday with no signs of letting up so no time to write all day, then I go by the comics shop and pick up nine, count 'em, nine comics, which meant that I had to pass on Warlock 1 (which, to be honest, I don't recall seeing on the rack, so maybe it didn't get to my shop today) and the latest Mojo for the second straight week. I did get Plastic Man 9, to go with my set of #'s 1-7 which should be arriving soon. Wait! #9? What happened to #8? Typically, I looked in my shop's back issue section and came a cropper- but Matt said he'd call Nashville and see if they had any left.

Wow. Opening kickoff for the NFL and new comics day, all in the same day! It's like Christmas and Halloween at the same time!

Said game, a good one by the way, kept me from doing much reading. I'll have time tomorrow night when I work the studio board for the high school football game at the radio station. I'll also have 3 offerings from Atomeka Press (which I received today) to read. And I'll try to review them sooner than I have the three Mad Yak publications I got a few weeks ago, which I'm hoping to devote some write time to this weekend. Of these, I've read two and am half done with the third. Publishers, if you're reading this, don't let my procrastination and sloth deter you from sending me all the free stuff you can scoop into a box. I WILL write about them eventually. Speaking of sloth and procrastination (hobbies of mine, apparently, to go with all the others I have), I also wasted yet another evening that I should have been working on a logo for a certain known-to-most-of-us soon-to-be-publishing-giant. Can I hyphenate, or what?

To sum, busy working all day, and the Pats and Colts just kinda monopolized my evening.

This, ladies and germs, has been a state of my union address. Good night and God (or whatever deity you genuflect before) bless.

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