Saturday, September 18, 2004

Time once again for this week's Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

For entertainment purposes only; if you bet using these picks you are a moron. Unless you win big, then feel free to avail yourself of the PayPal button under Martini Devil Girl.

Last week: 9-7. Not too shabby, but I want to do better.

Kansas City over Carolina
Green Bay over Chicago
Denver over Jacksonville
Detroit over Houston (The Lions! 2-0!)
Indianapolis over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over Baltimore
New Orleans over San Fransisco
Atlanta over St. Louis (hey, we beat San Fran...why not?)
Washington over NY Giants
Seattle over Tampa Bay (take the Bucs and the points, if you must lay money)
Oakland over Buffalo
Dallas over Cleveland
New England over Arizona
NY Jets over San Diego
Cincinnati over Miami (again, might want to take the Fins and the points if you bet, hint hint)
Philadelphia over Minnesota

Check back later and see how I do!

Fantasy teams: in the Cut-throat Football League, I was smoked like a Swisher Sweet, 48-15. 0-1. No production from any of my players except Mike Vick and my kicker, Jeff Wilkins. Bah. In the freebie Yahoo league, with different players, I won 75-31. Different scoring system in that league, too. 1-0.

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