Monday, September 13, 2004

Hello there. Kinda took Sunday off, since I had to work at the radio station and then watch football. How 'bout them Falcons, Logan? So now I'm way behind my self-imposed schedule.

Couple of things before I get back to the draft of my last week's comics reviews:

First, I'm constantly seeing new blogs (it seems) in my referrer list, and when I go there I'm surprised to see that they've linked to me, and I had no clue. Since reciprocal linking is supposed to be part of this whole blogging thing (I'm looking at you, Johanna D. Carlson), I make a sincere effort to try to post a link in the bloglink section to everyone who has done the favor for me...but lately it seems like I'm getting behind. Please, if you've linked to me and I haven't repaid you in kind, leave me a comment and I'll remedy it forthwith.

Second, if you've been curious about the status of the children's book I illustrated recently for my wife, we recently got word that we shall soon receive proofs for us to OK, the final step before printing. So we still have hope that we will get this Halloween-themed book out there before Halloween actually gets here. Stay tuned...

Domo arigato to the Bookslut for the namecheck, by the way- many of the new referrals I'm seeing are coming from there. I've been checking out her site for a whie now, and it's always interesting. I said her site. Geez- minds out of the gutter, fellas. Loved her takedown of Jeff Danzinger's knuckleheaded comics article in the Baltimore Sun.

More later, as my workflow permits.

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