Wednesday, September 01, 2004

In my latest pathetic attempt to get Johanna Draper Carlson to link to The Show, I thought I'd take a moment between ads to point out to you that she thinks you should be reading DC's Fallen Angel title, and she's devised a contest to help coerce the infidel to partake of Peter David's pride and joy. Click on the link in the previous sentence to see what it's all about.

Me? Do I read Fallen Angel? Why? Here's what I wrote a while back about it:

I keep hemming and hawing about picking up the Fallen Angel TPB...a lot of fine people praise it, but there's just something about the premise and (often silly, when not downright odd) the character and place names that don't grab me. Plus the art is bland at best, not exactly a sure-fire inducement to make Johnny B buy.

Now, this is based on some front-of-the-new-comics-rack scanning of a couple of singles and the trade, nothing more. I haven't sat (haven't sat? oy, my grammar) myself down and actually tried to read it, based on my earlier impression. Who knows- I remain curious, and it has the feel of one of those DC niche titles which I occasionally filp over...and it's not like I don't like David's work, even though his Aquaman is the only book he's done that I ever read on a regular basis (and those were friends' copies)- he's merely had the misfortune of writing characters, like Supergirl and the Hulk, that don't excite me. I may still partake of that Fallen Angel goodness, only it won't be anytime soon 'cause I can't afford the trade right now.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that a lot of smart people with credible opinions seem to like the comic, and perhaps you would too. And the best way I know to get the opportunity is go out and participate in Johanna's contest. So go, already!

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