Thursday, September 02, 2004

For some reason, my taskmasters at the Daily News (some of whom are quite attractive, actually, he said, apropos of nothing) felt like I should actually sit and work on their ads and such instead of blogging, therefore I had no time to sit and compose anything even remotely resembling interesting writing for your blogertainment.

In other words, too busy today for blog, and too tired tonight to write anything.

But as usual, when I sit down to post another of these apologetic-in-tone-for-no bloggy missives, things occur to me as I write. And they go a little like this.

I did find the time today to get a minor controversy stirred up over at the Pulse. Seems like Lee of Budgie's Squawks fame has posted a op-ed piece on several titles that everyone seems to like but him, and his reasons why he has this attitude...and yours truly didn't quite get with the "Everybody look! The emperor has no clothes on" program, and said so. If you'd like to see how I fare, go here. And if you think I'm full of shit, then keep it to yourself- I mean, let me know.

And hello to anyone who may have come here from CBR. I really do post comics-related stuff upon occasion- check back sometime, OK?

But I'm really long overdue in doing some music writing. I think a Johnny B's Mondo Vinyl-O is in order, ASAP. In case you care or something, here's the music that accompanied my ad assembly today: Outkast-Speakerboxx/The Love Below; Matthew Sweet-Girlfriend and In Reverse; The Best of Badfinger; Kate & Anna McGarrigle-Dancer With Bruised Knees; Patty Griffin-1000 Kisses; John Coltrane-Ken Burns Jazz; Harry Nilsson-Harry. From the latter, I encountered the perfect song for my recent NYCNY trips, "I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City".

I fully intend, Jon, to write a paragraph or two about my most recent trip to the Big Apple, and I will do soon. And yes, I know I could have done it in the amount of time that it's taken me to write this rambling post.

Hm. Anything else? Guess not. Oyasumi nasai, y'all.

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