Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm still trying to sort out, in my mind, the events of the last couple of issues of Promethea. Even as I'm constantly amazed by J.H. Williams' (and Mick Gray, on previous issues) art, I'm a bit mystified at exactly what Alan Moore is trying to acheive with the way he's chosen to end this book's run. Even though there's much cleverness and great character bits, the overall effect to me has been a bit of a puzzled shrug, rather than a gobsmacked wow!...and when this all began, I was getting the gobsmacked wow a lot more often. Still, I'm thinking I should withhold judgement, no pun intended, until next issue, which is the grande finale.

In the meantime (and I've been meaning to link to this forever, just haven't gone to the trouble of tracking the link down), a fellow who went by the name eroom nala (hint: it's how Zatanna would pronounce the writer's name) on the DC Message Boards launched a site devoted to the daunting task of annotating Promethea, and has done a pretty darn good job of it. I kinda wish his page was a bit more organized, but that's the anal graphic designer in me. Anyhoo, go check it out and see for yourself.

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