Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's late, I have to get up early tomorrow and go to my underpaying and unrewarding job, and I really should be in bed...but I can't make myself go to sleep so I blog.

First things first: the image above is one by Hope Larson. I like her style, with its fat ink lines. preoccupation with twisted, rubbery limbs (you'll see) and interesting color choices. I also think that if Kyle Baker ever gets bored doing Plastic Man, DC could do worse than to tab her to fill in. Be careful, kiddies- they's nudity on some of them there pages on that website, so exercise caution where you open them. I meant to put this in the linkblogging post I posted earlier today, but I couldn't remember her name or website addy. This, obviously, has been rectified.

In other developments on Planet Dave, tonight I have become "one of them"...that's right, I've become an eBay SELLER rather than a BUYER. Back in December, at one of my father-in-law's auction sales, I bid on and won several stacks of old Time magazines, thinking I'd sell them somewhere, perhaps on eBay, something I'd planned to try for a long time. So, naturally, it's taken me 9 months to finally get around to putting one lot on, to stick my toe in the water and see how it turns out. Keep your fingers crossed! Here's the listing, if you wanna check it out!

Great season premiere of NCIS neƩ Navy NCIS tonight, tense and involving all the way through..and even though the scriptwriters couldn't help but tack an unnecessary twist on at the end, I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to season two.

We're going to try to have a yard sale this Saturday, to get rid of some of the mountains of clothes we've accumulated over the last decade or so. While we were pricing, I tuned in one of the internet radio stations at Live365.com, called "Musical Justice", which plays a lot of great Americana, Indie, some Punk, and just a lotta interesting music...and I heard the greatest song ever: "Tiger Woods" by Dan Bern. Words cannot adequately express how much that song kicked my ass through my eardrums. Guess I'll have to keep an eye out (not literally) for the CD from whence it came, Fifty Eggs.

All right, that's enough. I gotta get to bed. Oyasumi nasai.

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