Monday, September 20, 2004

Spent most of my day Saturday helping out at an estate auction for my father-in-law, who's a realtor and auctioneer. Why? Well, he pays me. Also, I keep hoping that someday, there will be a box or two of old comics, records, movie magazines, or something rare and collectible...or heck, I'd even settle for just something kinda cool! Anyway, I've been in the family 25 years now, and the only thing that has come to light was a beat-up old issue of Batman from the 1940s, the number of which escapes me. Either nobody around here ever bought comics or listened to records, or perhaps they got left to friends and relatives. Anyway, as I'm so fond of saying, hope springs eternal.

However, the lady whose estate was being auctioned was apparently a bit eccentric, and bought a lot of, well, junk with a generous sum of money she had been given (or so I'm told), and there were tons of toys, Christmas decorations, nicknacks and trinkets to be had. I found the above Justice League Hawkgirl doll in one of the boxes (which someone else had already bid on) and bought it from her for a buck. I probably overpaid, but what the heck, I thought it would be an interesting thing to have in my tiny collection of toy-type comics-related merchandise.

Just thought I'd share.

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